Welcome to Victory Village

Gary Burghoff
Gary Burghoff

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Victory Village, a transitional living and substance abuse treatment and recovery program for Veterans. Here you will find the help you need to recover.

I was fortunate to have starred in M*A*S*H, the comedy series about life in the 4077 Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War. M*A*S*H may well be the most popular television show ever, playing for 11 seasons. As Radar, I played an essential character for most of the episodes that we made. M*A*S*H found “humor” in one of the most serious places, the mobile hospital where we tried to patch the endless stream of soldiers broken in combat under horrific wartime circumstances. Because of the serious nature of the show it is sometimes referred to as a “dramady”. With BJ, Hawkeye, Klinger, Hot Lips and all, we had a great cast of mismatched characters that many times mixed like oil and water, yet, instantly pulled together when the situation required. The situation is similar to what you face today. Although each of you is very different, you have come together to solve a common problem and your courage, along with this program, will provide the support you need.

Yes, M*A*S*H was a “comedy”, but the real life situation that it was drawn from was very real and very serious. Each day, incoming wounded arrived and we did the best we could to heal them with a 98% recovery rating under the worst possible conditions, the conditions of war. Is it any wonder that surgeons like Hawkeye and BJ would indulge in several martinis each night to deal with the stress and tragedy that faced them each day? And many like them also faced problems when they returned home after the war trying to reintegrate back into civilian life. Yes, you are not alone! The situation portrayed in M*A*S*H is not unlike the situation facing many of our Veterans today. Dealing with tragic circumstances from war which you may have experienced, many of you have resorted to drugs and alcohol to ease the pain and suppress painful memories.

While I was an actor only playing a role, I became familiar with the true life situations faced by many Vets and the situations became all too real to me. With your entry into this program, you are making the commitment to recover from your addictions and return to healthy and productive lives. While your journey will not be easy, you have made a very wise choice and you can be proud of your commitment to a healthy, substance free life.

My heart-felt thanks for your courageous service to our Country. Now we are in YOUR service to “fight” for you toward your complete recovery.

Gary Burghoff Corporal "Radar O’ Reilly" M*A*S*H